John Ciambrone hales from the great state of New Jersey. A musician at heart, John attended Rutgers University where he majored in music. While in college John bought his first camera, a Pentax 35mm, to record family events, vacations, etc. His love of photography has taken him into the fashion world where he now focuses his interest.  



“Break Magazine”, Italy, June/July/August 2018

“Summum” Canadian magazine, Dec/Jan 2013

“Atlantic Ave.” magazine..June2011

“Tatouage” magazine.  French publication; cover

“Salvatore Principe”. Artwork table book; cover

“Mad Skills Mag”. Online magazine; Sept/Oct 2008, pgs 73-75

“Restless Heart”,  Monique McCall cd cover and liner photo’s


“7 Jours” Canadian magazine, August 2018

“Break Magazine”, Italy, June/July/August 2018

“Beauty Launchpad” March 2013

“Summum” Canadian magazine, Dec/Jan 2013

Sharp for Men, Top Ten Hottest Women of 2011..CA.

Urban Male Magazine (UMM)…Canada,April 2012

“Atlantic Ave.”…June 2011

“Vancouver Observer” March 2011

“TVWEEKONLINE.Ca”  April 2011

“Global Runway” Blog…March 2011

“Boca Raton Obsever”  April 2011

“Atlantic Ave” September 2010

“Boca Raton”  September/October 2010

Fashion/Editorial Credits:

Ivan Gruhdahl fall/winter collection 2014


Elisabetta Fantone” promotional images for XOXO, Canadian TVA productions reality tv show

Current press and media images for pop singer “Ashley Brinton

Promotional wedding images for Canadian Actress “Elisabetta Fantone” (as seen in Tim Burton’s “Big Eyes” 2015)

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